DIY Finger Food:  Impress your guests with our DIY Finger Food/ Savoury/Sweets/Salads & Platters  that you can order and cater yourselves.   Riverlea Caterers  have a wide range of DIY Finger Food Catering  options to suit any budget or event.  Riverlea Caterers  have a range of  tasty items that will enhance any occasion.   Give us a call and Riverlea Caterers will do it for you.   Its just so simple, we make it simple.

We are just off Harewood Road in Papanui for collection, or we can deliver for an extra charge. DIY Finger  Food orders can be trayed and decorated if required.
All prices are +GST. Deposit required with our DIY finger food orders.

If you would like to purchase any of the DIY finger food items below, email or phone with your order.
I can offer advice on quantities required.
Food can be delivered hot if required for an extra charge.
MAKE AN ENQUIRY NOW! for menus, venues and quotes.
Ph. 354 5247 Kay anytime

Savoury Items

(min. order by the doz.)
Mini Tarts : varieties available: Smoked Chicken & Avodado or Smoked Chicken & Bacon both a spicy apricot sauce, Capsicum & Apricot, Mango & Peach – Seafood & mussels, Feta and tuna, Roasted peppers and brie, Mushroom with garlic butter and sour cream, Egg and smoked salmon, Smoked fish, Ham & sweetcorn in a cheese sauce . very tasty
$20 per doz.

Vol au’ Vents – varieties: Salmon with Avocado & Cheese, Creamy mushroom ,fish, creamycorn/tomato $20.00 per doz

Mini Cocktail Filo-ettes: varieties piped with Cream Cheese & Salmon, creamy chicken with sour cream mango chutney mayo and parsley, Seafood, Cream cheese & sundried tomato with gerkin, and Cream cheese and Avocado, Camembert & Cranberry
$20.00 per doz

Petite: savouries . 5 gourmet varieties
$18.00 per doz

Vegetarian savouries min. order 50 savouries (Spinach & Feta quiche, Tomato & Chive quiche
$20.00 per doz

Cucumber rounds topped with Smoked Salmon & Sour Cream & a sprig of mint
$20.00 per doz.

Mini Savoury pancake bites with beetroot relish & Cream Cheese, Salmon & Sour Cream Toppings
$20.00 per doz. 

Savouries party assorted varieties – good quality
$18.50 per doz.

Savoury Quiches savoury size with egg and bacon
$18.00 per doz.

Mini Sausage rolls with tomato chutney
$17.00 per doz.

Pizza fingers
$4.00 per piece

Bread Items:

Cocktail club sandwiches with assorted fillings
$17.00 per doz

Gourmet Sandwiches – Mini Smoked chicken & rocket $20.00 per doz

Mini Salmon and cucumber club sandwiches with alfalfa & sour cream
$20.00 per doz

Chicken & Avodado Mini rolls with rye mountain bread $20.00 per doz

Fresh baked focaccia herbed bread with condiments $4.80 per person

Asparagus Rolls
$17.00 per doz

Ham and Pineapple Rolls
$20.00 per doz

Mustardy Cream Cheese and Asparagus Rolls
$20.00 per doz

Smoked Ham and Edam Cheese Rolls with whole grain mustard
$20.00 per doz

Smoked Chicken & pesto rolls – min 3 doz
$20.00 per doz

Smoked chicken rolls with shredded lettuce and cranberry jelly
$20.00 per doz

Cream Cheese and Ginger Rolls
$20.00 per doz

Cucumber and minted cream cheese mini club sandwiches
$20.00 per doz

Artisan bread & Spreads with pesto, hummus & Pistachio dip
$6.00 per person

Meats/Cheeses/Vege platters/Sushi:

Platters of Meat –Smoked Chicken or Ham or Silverside or Salami
$6.00 p.p per choice

Vegetarian Platter with Crispy Raw Fresh Vegetables and two Dipping Sauce min. 30 guests
$4.00 per person

Cheeseboards with NZ Cheeses, crackers and grapes min 30guests
$6.50 per person

Antipasto platters with meats, cheeses, breads and accompaniments min. 30 guests
$10.00 per person

Ploughmans platter sliced french bread topped with an assortment of meats, cheeses, pickles and chutneys, a selection of mini tarts , fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, and a selection of mixed slices. min. 30 guests
$20.00 per person

Farm Fresh Salmon decorated min. 40 guests
$6.00 per person

Sushi selection with a Japanese dipping sauce min. 3 dozen $25.00 per doz

Honey Soya Marinated Chicken Nibbles
$5.00 per person

Assorted Pate‘ with a selection of Cracker Biscuits
$5.00 per person

Nuts, Chips with Assorted Dips
$4.00 per person

Champagne Ham on the Bone – glazed and decorated ready to carve
$6.50 pp

Hot Savoury Cocktails:

Indian platter of onion bhaji dippers, samosas, with mango chutney
$5.00 per person

Chicken Nuggets with a Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce
$3.80 per person

Savoury Italian Meatballs with Sweet and Sour Sauce $4.50 per person

Cocktail Vegetarian Samosas with a thai chilli sauce Sauce $3.00 per person

Cocktail Spring Rolls with Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce
$3.00 per person

Seasoned Potato Wedges with Sour Cream
$3.50 per person

Crispy Seafood Delights with Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce
$3.00 per person

Scallop Bites with Tartare Sauce
$4.00 per person

Hoki Fish Bites with Tartare Sauce
$4.00 per person

Asian Basket of Samosas, mini spring rolls, seafood delis with sweet thai chilli sauce
$5.00 per person

Sweet selections & Xmas treats:

Apricot and Brandy Tarts, Xmas Choc. berry tarts,
$14 per doz.

Petite Fours – choc. caramel, coffee espresso, lemon meringue, berry crumble, passion mango min. order 6 doz. $19.00 per doz

Rum Balls, Apricot & Yoghurt Trufflels, Mint truffels, citrus truffels
$16.00 dozen

Mini Danish Assorted – apricot, apple, cherry mixed min 5 doz
$20.00 dozen

Petite Tartlettes var. Choc. Caramel a dark chocolate over a caramel base or pecan & walnut – pecan & walnuts over caramel toffee min. order 9 doz.
$20.00  per doz 

Mini Filos filled with Mascarpone Cheese & decorated with either strawberries or kiwi fruit – min. 4 doz.
$20.00 per doz 

Profiteroles min. 10 doz.
$15.00 doz

Brandy snaps creamed
$20.00 per doz

Meringue nests – creamed and decorated
$19.00 per doz

Cocktail tart bites
$16.00 per doz

Mini Tarts Apricot & Brandy Fruit mince mini tarts $19.00 per doz

Neenish Tarts – Chocolate dipped shortcake with with creamy lemon filling
$20.00 per dozen

Caramel tarts
$18.00 per doz

Rocky Mountain Mud Cake with profiteroles min. 15 guests $7.00 per person

Fresh Summer Fruit Platter min. 30 guests
$5.50 per person

Chocolate Eclairs mini or mini Cream Puffs – both filled with custard and Barvarian cream
$16.00 per doz

Creamed Raspberry and Chocolate Lamingtons creamed
$20.00 per doz

Apple or Apricot Shortcake , assorted muffins or Summer fruit tarts
$20.00 per dozen ea

Tiramisu Log – serves 9 guests
$34.00 each

DESERTS AVAILABLE: Pavlovas, cheesecakes, chocolate logs, chocolate gateaus, apple strudle, fresh fruit salad, trifle supreme, apple or apricot shortcake. – phone for a quote for these items.

Mini cheesecake pieces: strawberry flavour available
$15.40 per doz. min. 3 doz.


Approx. $3.00 – $6.50 per person per choice -poa.

Gourmet Salads:
Penne Pasta & Salmon Salad with Tomatoes and Peppers.
Crisp Orange & Avocado Salad with Gourmet Lettuce & Snow Peas.

Greek Salad with Cucumber, Tomatoes, Peppers & Feta Cheese.

Sweet and Sour Pasta salad: Spiral pasta, chunky pineapple, celery, baby corn, courgettes and peppers in a sweet and sour sauce.

Smoked Chicken Pasta salad with a Sweet Thai Chilli sauce.
Spicy Italian Pasta salad: Spiral pasta, sliced celery, salami strips, red capsicum in a bean paprika dressing.

Pasta Satay Salad: Twisted Pasta, roasted peanuts, combined in a satay & curry sauce.

Bean Salad: a selection of beans, diced onion, julienne carrotts in a bean salad dressing,

Savoury Potato Salad: Chunky potato, spring onion, spicy gherkin and creamy eggs in a sour cream dressing.

Mediterranean Vege Salad: Brocilli, courgettes, peppers, carrotts, cauliflower and celery in a garlic dressing.

Mexicana Salad: Mixed beans, brocilli, cauliflower, corn, onion and red pepper in a light dressing.

Coleslaw: fresh made with green and red cabbage, carrott with a tangy dressing

Mesculin A Blend of Assorted Lettuce, with Cocktail Tomatoes & Sprouts & Peppercorn Vinaigrette

All salads can be in large salad bowls and beautifully decorated ready to serve to your guests.

Please phone me with your selections and I can give you a firm price All prices are +GST and a deposit is required.
Feel free to suggest your own favourites

Gluten Free options:

Pumpkin, Spinach & Feta Lasagne slices – good size 4 to a pack

Smoked Chicken Lasagne slices – good size 4 to a pack

Gluten free sausage rolls 10 to a pack


Chocolate, raspberry, caramel slices – would cut into 8 pieces
$12.00 ea

Lemon cake loaf
$13.00 ea

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